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The audio guide presents the most important works in the Museum and explains the origins of the building. There are over one hundred commentaries.
Don't try to listen to everything at once, however. There are over seven hours of contents! Instead, design your personal visit according to what you would most like to see and enjoy.

With this guide, you can listen to myths and legends told by a professional storyteller and select from over thirty interviews with specialists to round out your view of the works. It also features music and literary texts read by actors.

Listen now to the musical extracts listed below.
Cost: included in the museum entry ticket.

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Enjoy the commentary; we look forward to seeing you soon at the Lyon Museum of Fine Arts!

New at the museum : audiotour of the masterpieces !
During your museum visit, you will find that the pictograms enable you to locate the appropriate places and artworks described.

• To listen to a commentary, type in the number.
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• All commentaries can be listened to throughout the Museum.

The collection of art objects and the Numismatic collection

400- Introduction to the collection of art objects    
401- Juggler, Berry, France, XIIth century  
402- The reception hall of The Norenchal, France, XVIIIth century 
403- Triptych, Painted Ivory, Christ, the Judge, the Virgin and the Child, France, XIIth century 
404- Virgin and child, France, XIVth century   
405- The Last Judgment,  Biberach (Upper Swabia), Germany, 1520 
406- The Annunciation, Sienne, Italy, XIVth century   
407- M. da Fiesole, St John the Baptist, Italy, 1475-1478  
408- Introduction to the collection of Islamic art 
409- Element of Cenotaph, Syria, 1277  
410- Blue ceramic fragments from Samarqand (Uzbekistan), 15th century   

411- Introduction to the Numismatic collection   
412- A Vercingétorix Stater, 52 B.C.
413- Sesterce Depicting the Altar of the 3 Gauls, Lyon, 1st century
414- Medal of Jean VIII Palaiologos, Italy, 1450-1455   
415- The "Terreaux" Treasure, Lyon, XIVth century  
416- Enamel plates from Limoges, early XVIIth century, France  
417- Medallion of a woman, limestone, France, XVIth century 
418- Giulio da Urbino, a plate depicting Hercules and Cacus, Urbino, Italy, 1533  
419- B. Palissy, Basin in the form of a boat, France, XVIth century   
420- The Raphaël Collin Collection : ceramics from China, Korea and Japan
420.2- Who is R. Collin?  
421- H. Guimard, Bedroom furniture from the Hotel Guimard, Paris, 1909-1912  
422- C. Linossier, Brass works, France, XXth century

Download sounds from 400 to 422                                  

The XIXth century paintings collection and the modern art collection

500- Introduction to the XIXth century paintings collection   
501- P. Chenavard, The social Apocatastasis,1850         
502- A. Berjon, Fruits and flowers in a wicker basket, 1810   
503- F. Richard, Scene in a Destroyed Chapel and others works   
504- P. Révoil, A tournament in the XIVth century, 1812
505- L. Janmot, Wildflower, 1845 (commentary about the artwork)
505.1- L. Janmot, Wildflower, 1845 (description)
506- V. Orsel, Good and Evil, 1832 
507- T. Géricault, The Madwoman or The Obsession of Envy, 1819-1822
507.2- T. Géricault, The Madwoman or The Obsession of Envy, the painting's title
507.3- T. Géricault, The Monomaniac series   
507.4- T. Géricault, The painting's frame   
508- E. Delacroix, Marcus Aurelius' Final Words, 1844 (commentary about the artwork)   
508.1- E. Delacroix, Marcus Aurelius' Final Words, 1844 (description)  
509- L. Janmot, The Poem of the Soul, 1855
509.2- L. Janmot, about The Poem of the Soul  
510- F-J. Heim, The Defeat of The Cimbri and the Teutones, 1853   
511- H. Fantin-Latour, Reading, 1877  
512- J-B. Camille Corot, The Studio, 1870
513- Landscapes by various XIXth century Lyon Painters 
514- P-A. Dagnan-Bouveret, A wedding party at the photographer's studio, 1879  
515- C. Monet, Choppy sea in Etretat, 1883   
516- P. Gauguin, Nave nave Mahana, 1896  
517- E. Degas, Dancers on the stage, 1889

518- Introduction to the Modern Art collection 
519- G. Braque, Violon, 1911
520- A. von Jawlensky, Woman's head “Medusa”, Light and Dark, 1922
521- H. Matisse, Model lying down, White Dress, 1946
522- J. Dubuffet, Blond Landscape, 1952
522.2- J. Dubuffet, About the acquisition of this work
523- P. Picasso, Woman sitting on the beach, 1937 (commentary about the artwork
1523- P. Picasso, Woman sitting on the beach, 1937 (description)
524- F. Bacon, Study for a corrida n°2, 1969

Download sounds from 500 to 524

« Coups de cœur »   

901- The Monument to the Dead by Albert Bartholomé
Chosen by Philippe Durey, Curator and former Director of the Museum   
902- Wooden statue of Osiris
Chosen by Jean-Claude Goyon, Egyptologist and Emeritus Professor at the University of Lyon
903- Two Japanese sandstone bowls from E-Shino and Shigaraki
Chosen by Laurence Tilliard, Curator of  Decorative Arts 
904- Les Otages (Hostages) by J. P. Laurens
Chosen by Stéphane Paccoud, Curator of 19th century painting and sculpture

Download sounds from 901 to 904