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Lyon (Place des Terreaux)
Buried in 1358-1360 – Hundred Years' War
Gold and silver
D. from 1.9 to 3 cm
Construction of the Terreaux parking lot in 1993
On deposit from the Gadagne Museum
The Treasure of Terreaux

Pot containing 543 coins and two coin fragments.

The treasure includes only coins in pure metal minted in different European countries. Its owner was therefore able to recognize coins with a perfect composition and to accept money from different origins. Only a money-changer would have had competence like this.

The reasons for abandoning this treasure are known. They stem from the dramatic events tied to the Hundred Years' War (Grandes Compagnies and the siege of Lyon) and to the Black Death, which decimated up to a third of the urban population, starting in 1361.