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90 minutes audioguided tour

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2- History of the Saint-Pierre Palace : the birth of a museum
3 History of the Fine Arts Museum of Lyon
200- Introduction to the Sculpture collection (19th - 20th century)
204- Auguste Rodin, The Temptation of Saint Anthony, 1889-1900
205- Émile Antoine Bourdelle, Herakles, 1908-1909

First floor

300- Introduction to the Antiquities collection
303- The Doors of Medamoud’s Temple, Egypt, 230 B.C.
310- Kore from the Acropolis, Greece, 540-530 B.C.
400- Introduction to the collection of art objects
401- Juggler, Berry, France, 12th century
406- The Annunciation, Sienne, Italy, 14th century
408- Introduction to the collection of Islamic art
409- Element of Cenotaph, Syria, 1277
411- Introduction to the Numismatic collection
421- Hector Guimard, Bedroom furniture from the Hotel Guimard, Paris, 1909-1912

Second floor

100- Introduction to the Ancient Paintings collection
104- Veronese, Bathsheba bathing, 1575
110- Pierre-Paul Rubens, Saint Dominic and Saint Francis protecting the World from Christ’s wrath, 1618-1620
515- Claude Monet, Choppy sea in Etretat, 1883
516- Paul Gauguin, Nave nave Mahana, 1896
518- Introduction to the Modern Art collection
523- Pablo Picasso, Woman sitting on the beach, 1937
524- Francis Bacon, Study for a corrida n°2, 1969