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Exhibition October 23rd 2015 January 25th 2016 | Press Kit

This exhibition of almost 300 objects, the first ever to be dedicated to the Renaissance in Lyon, presents the largest possible panorama of artistic expression in the city during that period. It includes paintings, illuminated manuscripts, pieces of furniture, gold and silversmithery, majolica, enamels and medals and textiles.
The exhibition is organized around seven thematic sections – Lyon as the Second Eye of France and the Heart of Europe, Humanism in Lyon, Facets of Lyon, Patrons of the Arts and Italian Influences, Nordic and Germanic Influences, Artists from other regions settling in Lyon, and The Artistic Output of Lyon across Europe. EXHIBITION CURATING Ludmila Virassamynaïken, Curator in charge of Ancient Paintings and Sculptures.

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Exhibition Curating : Ludmila Virassamynaïken, Curator in charge of Ancient Paintings and Sculptures, with Federica Carta.
Exhibition catalogue
Lyon Renaissance Arts et Humanisme 360 pages (French) € 42
Co-edition by the Fine Arts Museum of Lyon and Somogy/Art Editions

This exhibition has been recognized by the Culture ministry and the Communication and General Management of Heritage of the Musées de France, and as such it benefits from state funding..

Ticket prices
Exhibition: € 9 / € 6 / Free Entry
Exhibition and Collections: € 12 / € 7 / Free Entry
Commented tour: € 3 / € 1
Free audioguide (French)

Opening times
Daily between 10am and 6pm except tuesdays and bank holidays, and Fridays between 10.30am and 6pm.Visual resources for the press
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Sylvaine Manuel de Condinguy
Fine Arts Museum of Lyon
20, place des Terreaux – 69001 Lyon.
Tel: +33 (0)4 72 10 41 15 and +33 (0)6 15 52 70 50

Les différentes sections de l'exposition

Lyon, « the 'second eye' of France and the heart ef Europe"

Lyon : European capital of printings

From Catholic Lyon to reformed Lyon

Humanism in Lyon

Wel-known figures of Lyonnordiques

Portraits of the court

Portrait of public figures from Lyon

Italian influences

The Florentines of Notre-Dame-de-Confort

The patronage of Cardinal François de Tournon

The assimilation of architectural 13 and classical ornamental repertories

Influences from northern Europe

Artists from Lorraine end Burgundy become attracted to Lyon and its printing industry

The diffusion of models from Lyon accross Europe

Bernard Salomon: tje herald of the Renaissance in Lyon

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3 Columns Images