Gigapixel - photographs in ultra HD

Dive into the artworks and discover incredible details
Explore more than 50 paintings in their tiniest details ! Thanks to gigapixel photography, admire their composition and discover details invisible to the naked eye.
Unique experience guaranteed!
From 1 September 2021 to 31 December 2021

Subject to further government announcements.

Rembrandt, Veronese, Tintoretto, Poussin, Fragonard, Courbet, Sisley, Renoir, Monet,...
Explore the masterpieces of the great masters : they will no longer have secrets for you!


> When opening an artwork's page, click on the"Observe the painting in gigapixel" on the left, under the artwork's title.

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> Click here to explore the paintings in Gigapixel