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Médaille de Jean VIII Paléologue


tout est si beau et bien mis en valeur, on est fier d'être
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hannart.odile - retraitée - 73 printemps ans - france.Caen - 23-11-2009

Dear Sirs -Departament de Medaillier-;
I'm investigating the religious medal of the 16th Century. So I would like to know if you have some examples represented "Veronica (Saint Face)"and "Madonna with child" at the other side.If you have some pieces or informations about it, I would like you to tell me. We have some pieces excavated in Japan, which were made or imported before the prohibition of the Christianity, so they are very important for us.
Thank you.
Hitomi Asano - professor - japon - 20-08-2008

Visiblement, la Renaissance avait déjà ses instruments de communication politique...
Sidaïs - 29 ans